XTalks: Alternatives to animal testing

Want to know more about the problems with animal experimentation – how it harms humans and animals and about alternatives? Listen to my presentation on Xtalks.

The presenters discuss scientific and ethical imperatives associated with the use of animals in experiments and testing, and examine burgeoning alternatives to animal research.

Key Topics:

  • Protection of human and animal research subjects
  • Challenges in preclinical research
  • Promising alternatives to the use of animals in research
  • Nanotechnology toxicity testing as a possible replacement to animal testing

Animal research is generally justified because of the perceived critical role it plays in advancing human health. However, opinions on the value of animal research vary and, often times, supportive evidence is merely anecdotal rather than systematic.

Recently, critical studies are now shedding light on this topic. A growing body of scientific literature critically assessing the scientific utility of animal models has raised important concerns about the intrinsic value of animal models as predictive for human clinical trials and understanding human physiology.

As a result of intrinsically poor predictive models, humans can be subject to significant and unnecessary harm. Additionally in the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in moral scrutiny and public concern of animal research.

The growth of public concern warrants sustained examination and discussion of the ethical permissibility of animal research.

The Presenters:

Dr. Aysha Akhtar presents an overview of ethical and scientific considerations pertaining to animal research. She will first compare the protection of human versus animal research subjects, then examine evidence of the predictive value of animal research for human outcomes and for understanding human physiology. (Disclaimer: The opinions represented by Dr. Akhtar are her own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the US government or the FDA)

Dr. Toby Gill’s presentation provides an introduction to nanotechnology with respect to toxicity and animal testing. As with any new material technology, there is always a possibility that bio accumulation may occur from their general release or through their use in applications such as cosmetics, food products, pharmaceuticals and other medical technologies, which gives rise to a perceived need for animal testing. While statistics indicate a reduction in testing on animals, there are still numerous organisations advocating the adoption of a more committed strategy to reduce this need. Dr. Gill will discuss the current levels of animal testing and explore emerging nano-enabled developments and the potential for nanotechnologies to replace to the need for animal experimentation.

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