This Valentine’s Day, remember all Victims of domestic violence: Both humans and animals

Child hugging dog

In my last article, I introduced the notion that there is a strong connection between human and animal welfare. This connection is particularly evident in domestic violence.

Last month, in Lake Charles, LA, a man was arrested for beating his girlfriend, Tiffany Nocosia, and killing her dog. The girlfriend described the horrific scene:

“He grabs my dog and slings her across the room against a wall. I go to pick her up … she still is breathing and twitching so I started to try and revive her. He comes and says I’m going to make sure that dog is dead and continues to throw her against the wall,” said Nocosia. “A four-pound little innocent dog. She then defecates and he rubs it in my face.”

Sadly, incidents like this one are far from isolated, instead occurring in homes across the U.S., and worse yet, these crimes appear to increase during holidays like Valentines’ Day. So as Valentine’s Day approaches, we should be vigilant for any signs of domestic violence.