Nine things I want my readers to know about me by Aysha Akhtar, MD, MPH

Female First | May 13, 2019:

I read children’s and young adult books. I am a neurologist. So people automatically think that all I read are high falutin’, serious academic books. I can’t think of anything more boring than doing that all the time! I need an outlet to give my mind a break and have fun. I need to immerse myself in things that are silly, creative and imaginative. Children’s stories, young adult books, cozy mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy and comedy allow me to relax and to mentally escape the rigors and constraints of my everyday world.

I make terrific cocktails. My family always teased me about the fact that even as a child, I would read cookbooks from cover to cover. I love cooking and exploring ways to create something new and enjoyable out of food, herbs and spices. So it was no stretch for me to do get into cocktail making. I learned how to perfectly balance the bitter, the herby, the tart, and the sweet to make drinks with complex flavors…

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