NASA’s wrong stuff

I am an absolute space geek. The only time I ever skipped high school was to hear a panel of astronauts give a talk about space exploration. I owned a topographical map of Mars before it was ever considered cool (it IS considered cool, by the way). And this past July I was one of the lucky few that joined the team of Apollo 11 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of their moon landing. I have always been a firm supporter of NASA and its space exploration program; it is truly the stuff of dreams (including mine). Yet, for the first time, I am finding myself extremely disappointed by NASA’s efforts to pursue the final frontier. During a time when NASA’s budget is especially tenuous and after the Obama administration essentially put the agency’s human spaceflight plans on hold, I am bewildered by NASA’s plan to squander nearly $2 million in taxpayer money on radiation experiments on monkeys.