Dr. Akhtar featured in the Unbound Project

In Article: By Keri Cronin:

“This sense of compassion for and curiosity about other animals has stayed with her throughout her life. Her experience with the suffering of animals greatly influenced her decision to become a doctor and her desire to alleviate all suffering.”

Activism has long been an important part of Dr. Aysha Akhtar’s life. When she was a teenager she accompanied her mother and sister to protests and other animal protection events. Growing up in a family that believed in standing up for animals had a tremendous impact on Akhtar, and she appreciates that her mother—who she refers to as “the toughest little thing in animal rights”—instilled these values in her.

She fondly recalls trips she took with her mother and her sister during the 1980s and 1990s. However, these were not typical family vacations.

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