Speaking Engagements

June 11, 2019: The Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club (Millsboro, DE)

April 26-27, 2019: Providence Book Festival (Providence, RI)

March 25, 2019: Cornell Law School (Ithaca, NY)

Oct. 25, 2018: Eating Animals Film Screening and Discussion, Marymount University (Arlington, VA)

Sept. 15, 2018: AFS Conference (New York, NY)

October 5, 2017: Extinction and Livestock Conference (London, UK)

June 10, 2017: Rehoboth Beach VegFest (Rehoboth Beach, DE)

May 6, 2017: Rethinking Animals Summit (New York, NY)

April 17, 2017: “What the Health” movie screening and discussion (Rockville, MD)

Nov 13, 2016: Space Coast Veg Fest (Cocoa, FL)

October 15, 2016: Science and Animal Testing (Cologne, Germany)

September 10, 2016: Toronto Veg Food Fest (Toronto, Canada)

June 11, 2016: Asheville VegFest (Asheville, NC)

May 21, 2016: Charlotte VegFest (Charlotte, NC)

May 7, 2016: New York Vegetarian Food Festival (New York, NY)

April 30, 2016: Baltimore VegFest (Baltimore, MD)

Nov. 21, 2015: AFS Conference (New York, NY)

Nov 7, 2015: Atlanta Veg Fest (Atlanta, GA)

Oct 4, 2015: World Veg Festival (San Francisco, CA)

San Francisco, CA

Oct 3, 2015: DC VegFest (Washington DC)

Washington, DC

July 26-29, 2015: Oxford Summer School on Animal Ethics (Oxford, England)

26-29 July 2015 at St Stephen’s House, Oxford

April 12, 2015: Cornell Law School (Ithaca, NY)

The connection between animal protection, human health and ethics

March 31, 2015: The ANIMAL Conference (Oklahoma City, OK)

Hosted by the Kirkpatrick Foundation, Oklahoma City

March 29, 2015: National Council for Animal Protection (New Orleans, LA)

More information can be found here

March 28, 2015: Harvard Law School (Boston, MA)

Harvard Law School Food Law Society’s 4th annual conference, Just Food?

March 3, 2015: University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL)

Nov. 18, 2014: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

Oct. 25, 2014: Boston Vegetarian Food Festival (Boston, MA)

Animal Protection is Human Protection, Too!

June 13, 2014: Intro: The Ghosts in Our Machine screening (Rehoboth Beach, DE)

Hosted by VegRehoboth

Nov. 13, 2013: Cleveland State University (Cleveland, OH)

Oct. 19, 2013: Vegetarian Society of Richmond (Richmond, VA)

June 29-30 2013: Animal Rights National Conference (Washington DC)

Jan. 24, 2013: The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

Penn Vegan Society

Jan. 28, 2008: Yale University Ethics Center (New Haven, CT)

Animals as Experimental Subjects at Yale: Spiritual, Ethical and Scientific Ramifications

May 2006: Brandeis University (Waltham, MA)

Animal Experiments: Can we do Better?

April 2006: American University (Washington, DC)

How Valid are Animal Experiments for the Study of Human Disease?

April 2006: University of Connecticut (Mansfield, CT)

Problems with Neurological Experiments on Animals.