Dr. Akhtar’s article headlined in Science Blog by former director of the National Institutes of Occupational Safety and Health

Dr. Anthony Robbins, Co-Editor of the Journal of Public Health Policy and former director of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and of the National Vaccine Program headline my article in his latest post on Science Blog’s The Pump Handle as he argues against the US Ag Gag laws. He says:

“There is growing concern about mistreatment of animals and its consequences for public health.  In a recent commentary published in the Journal of Public Health Policy, Aysha Akhtar describes how effective animal protection would have at least three important effects:

  • Reduce the incidence of emerging in factions, as poor treatment of animals contributes to the spread of new infectious diseases.
  • Medical research would also benefit from better animal treatment.
  • Domestic violence might be reduced is animal mistreatment were seen as  sentinel events that could trigger early intervention.”

Read The need to include animal protection in public health policies by Dr. Robbins.

Read review of Animals and Public Health on Huffington Post

Kathy Freston on Huffington Post writes:
I’ve often said that by showing kindness to animals and eating fewer (or better yet, none) of them, we see personal health benefits — a reduction in heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes and obesity. What’s good for animals is good for us!

Now there’s an intriguing new book that extends my thesis of holistic well-being beyond food and into a variety of other areas of human interaction with animals.

In Animals and Public Health: Why Treating Animals Better is Critical to Human Welfare, Dr. Aysha Akhtar, a public health specialist, neurologist from the FDA’s Office of Counterterrorism and Emerging Threats, and HuffPost blogger, looks at the interlocking animal and human health issues involved in domestic violence, animal fighting, animal attacks, the wildlife trade, factory farming, climate change, and drug development.

Read full review on the Huffington Post.


Animals and Public Health announced as winner by the International Book Awards

Animals and Public Health announced as Award-Winner in the “Social Change” category and as Award-Winning Finalist in the “Health: General” category of the 2012 International Book Awards.

The announcement by the International Book Awards can be found here.