Podcast: State of the Universe.

On this podcast, I discuss the impact of factory farming and animal testing on human health.You can listen here.
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Dr. Akhtar featured in the Unbound Project

“This sense of compassion for and curiosity about other animals has stayed with her throughout her life. Her experience with the suffering of animals greatly influenced her decision to become a doctor and her desire to alleviate all suffering.”


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Dr. Akhtar announced 2015 winner of Belton Mouras Grassroots Leadership Award

On March 29, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Akhtar was presented with the Belton Mouras Grassroots Leadership Award for her efforts to show how animal protection benefits public health.

“What we are forging is not a revolutionary change, but an evolutionary change. We are changing the very way we define ourselves and the world around us. I am extremely proud to stand among the hundreds of thousands of remarkable people selflessly working for this change and to do my part in showing that quite simply, what’s good for animals is also good for humans.”

Dr. Akhtar Interviewed on WAMU’s The Animal House

Dr. Akhtar talks about cruel head injury experiments conducted on animals funded by the NFL.